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In the Journal, Vol. 14, No. 1

Concert Promotion Centralization by Jess White and Patrick Preston,Songs as Branding Platforms by Storm Gloor,Licensing in Sub-Saharan Africa by Joel Baloyi,Survey of Graduated Response to Online Piracy by Serona Elton,Rigor Grades Support & Time Outside of Class by Kristél Kemmerer,Information Literacy by Keith Hatschek and Veronica Wells,Perspective - Creative Process by Monika Herzig & David Baker,Anchorman 2 VS the Beyoncé Album by David Philp,Authors' Influence and Persuasion Theory by Philip Rothschild

Featured in USA Today

Journal/JournalCover.2013.wShadow.jpgSongs As Branding Platforms? A Historical Analysis of People, Places, and Products in Pop Music Lyrics

by Storm Gloor, MBA
Assistant Professor, Department of Music and Entertainment Industry Studies,University Colorado Denver