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Journal of the
Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association
Volume 12, Number 1 (2012)

What’s Up with MXSups? Interviews with the Purveyors of Cool

Andrea Johnson
Berklee College of Music

    I’ve just finished watching my favorite nighttime drama Grey’s Anatomy and am again astounded by the amount of amazingly cool independent music placed in the show. Anyone’s Ghost by The National, Abducted by Cults, Chameleon/Comedian by Kathleen Edwards, Hit It by Miss Li, and Echoes by Mostar Diving Club. My husband and I are rabid fans of indie music and consider ourselves tastemakers in locating barely broken indie artists on sites such as,,, or but I have to say I am continually blown away by the selections music supervisors make in today’s hit television shows.

    Week after week these women seem to have the uncanny knack for selecting überhip, underground artists barely breaking the film of the jellied mass of independent music consciousness. Women like Alexandra Patsavas of Chop Shop Music known for her work on Grey’s Anatomy, Andrea von Foerster of Firestarter Music known for her work on Modern Family, and Lindsay Wolfington of Lone Wolf, known for her work on One Tree Hill are not only outstanding entrepreneurs, they are purveyors of musical cool.  How did they get to this coveted position—doling out delicious and delectable delights of divinely inspired discs?

Click here to download pdf of the full article (29 pgs, 5.3 mb)