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Journal of the
Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association
Volume 14, Number 1 (2014)

Authors Influencing Others to Follow: An Analysis of a Social Media Platform Through the Framework of Persuasion Theory

Philip C. Rothschild
Missouri State University


    Technology has not only transformed the music sector of the entertainment industry, it has also transformed the book publishing sector. Just as musicians have opportunities to go direct to the market with their music, an author has an opportunity to reach and engage an audience directly like never before. This paper demonstrates, through an exploratory case study, how authors can use scientifically proven persuasion techniques to influence visitors to reply to their online requests. These requests often originate from the author’s social media platform, and come in the form of asking the visitor to like a social profile, comment on a blog, provide a review, share a link, join the tribe, or buy a book, among others. After a brief summary of the publishing sector, the author defines what a social media platform is using a Social Media Framework refined by social media expert Michael Hyatt (Hyatt 2010c, March 25). This will be followed by a review of persuasion research and Cialdini’s six principles of social influence (2008). Finally, we examine some of the elements of a successful social media platform and draw conclusions on how these features may influence a response to one of many requests.