Journal of the
Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association
Volume 15, Number 1 (2015)

Bruce Ronkin, Editor
Northeastern University

Paul Linden, Associate Editor
University of Southern Mississippi

David Schreiber, Associate Editor
Belmont University

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        The MEIEA Journal is published annually by the Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association (MEIEA) in order to increase public awareness of the music industry and to foster music business education.

    The MEIEA Journal provides a scholarly analysis of technological, legal, historical, educational, and business trends within the music industry and is designed as a resource for anyone currently involved or interested in the music industry. Topics include issues that affect music industry education and the music industry such as curriculum design, pedagogy, technological innovation, intellectual property matters, industry-related legislation, arts administration, industry analysis, and historical perspectives. The MEIEA Journal is distributed to members of MEIEA, universities, libraries, and individuals concerned with the music industry and music business education.

    Ideas and opinions expressed in the MEIEA Journal do not necessarily reflect those of MEIEA. MEIEA disclaims responsibility for statements of fact or opinions expressed in individual contributions.

    Permission for reprint or reproduction must be obtained in writing and the proper credit line given.

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Editorial Advisory Board

Bruce Ronkin, Editor, Northeastern University
David Schreiber, Associate Editor, Belmont University
Paul Linden, Associate Editor, University of Southern Mississippi
Timothy Channell, Radford University
Mark J. Davis, Loyola University New Orleans, Northeastern University
Alexander Endreß, Popakademie Baden-Württemberg
Jennifer Fowler, Belmont University
Brian Gaber, Florida State University
Robert Garfrerick, University of North Alabama
Storm Gloor, University of Colorado Denver
Sally Anne Gross, University of Westminster
Keith Hatschek, University of the Pacific
Andrea Johnson, Berklee College of Music
Michael Johnson, Berklee College of Music
Gene Perla, Lehigh University
Quint Randle, Brigham Young University
Paul Saintilan, Australian College of the Arts (Collarts)
Rey Sanchez, University of Miami
Joseph Taylor, James Madison University
David Tough, Belmont University
Marcy Rauer Wagman, Big West Music
Richard Weissman, University of Colorado Denver, emeritus
Horace Alexander Young, Santa Fe University of Art and Design
Shawn Young, York College of Pennsylvania