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MEIEA is governed and directed by an Executive Board comprising six (6) Executive Officers and a Board of Directors consisting of members drawn from professionals of the educational community and music and entertainment industries.

In order to facilitate the transition between governing boards, newly elected officers are expected to attend the board meetings prior to the spring conference as non-voting participants and following the spring conference as voting participants.  Those meetings are usually held in late March on Wednesday evening, all day Thursday, and Thursday evening prior to the spring conference and on the Saturday evening following the conference.

All board members are expected to attend the annual fall board meetings.  Those meetings are usually held in late October or early November and generally comprise two to three full days of activity.


President: a) presides at all meetings, b) submits an annual report at the first annual meeting of the Association, c) cannot make motions, d) votes only in case of a tie, e) is an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee, f) sees that all orders and resolutions of the Executive Board are carried into effect, subject, however, to the right of the Executive Board to delegate to any other officer, committee, or employee any specific power, except such as by statute that is exclusively conferred upon the President.

Vice President: a) performs the functions of the office of the President in his/her absence or in case of his/her disability, b) performs duties as are assigned from time to time by the President and/or the Executive Board, c) supervises the general elections.

a) keeps a correct roll call of the membership at meetings, b) keeps full and true minutes of meetings and submit such minutes for approval at the next succeeding regular meeting, c) issues notice of meetings of the Association and Executive Board as required by the bylaws, d) conducts correspondence of the Association, e) performs such other duties as may be prescribed by the President and/or the Executive Board.

Treasurer, subject to the supervision and direction of the President and the Executive Board, holds the responsibility of the overseeing of funds and securities of the Association.  The Treasurer: a) is responsible for full and accurate account of Association receipts and disbursements in reports presented by the Executive Director, b) is responsible for the deposit of all money and other valuable effects in the name of and to the credit of the Association in such depositories as designated by the Executive Board.

Director of Membership is responsible for the development and implementation of methods and opportunities that maintain and increase membership in the Association.

Summit Production

The annual MEIEA Education Summit is a wholly MEIEA produced event whereby the Executive Board, with support from the administrative office, take full responsibility for the design, production, and execution of the event.  Responsibilities for the design, production, promotion, and execution of the Summit are listed below.

Summit Production Assignments

Location, theme, and focus of the conference.
Secure sponsorships for financial and in-kind support.
Invite and book keynote speaker(s).
Oversee the overall schedule of the conference.
Vice President Oversee and contract the facility and production support logistics.
Oversee session, workshop, and activity topics and logistics.
Assist the president where necessary.
Oversee promotion of the conference.
Assist with facility and support logistics and the development of session, workshop, and activity topics.
Oversee and execute contracts and financial obligations.
Monitor the cost and financial obligations.
Assist with on site registration logistics.
Director of Membership Oversee and execute on site registration logistics.
Assist VP with development of session, workshop, and activity topics.
Journal Editor Oversee paper and academic sessions.
Assist with online promotion of the conference.
Assist with online and on site registration logistics.
General Board Members Develop, oversee, and execute a panel session, round-table discussion, or workshop.  Assist where necessary.
Administrative Assistant Assist where necessary.

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