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Summit 2015
March 23 & 24, Austin, TX

Magical Mystery Tour: Lessons For Today’s DIY Musicians From The Beatles’ Self-Managing Failures.  David Philp, Assistant Professor, Music Management & Popular Music Studies, William Paterson University

Music Brand Marketing Strategies: A Review and Analysis of Current Practices. Stan Renard
Lecturer of Music Industry, Colby College, Adjunct Faculty of Marketing and Management, Eastern Connecticut State University

Artist Branding in the New Music Landscape: The Importance of Teaching Students How to Access this Non-Traditional Revenue Stream. Tammy Donham, Assistant Professor, Recording Industry Department, Middle Tennessee State University

Customer as Teacher: The Importance of Building Brand Equity By Providing Customers with Teaching Tools and Moments. George Howard, Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music

Gender Equality and Perception of Women in the Music Industry.  Kim L. Wangler, Associate Professor, Director of Music Industry Studies, Appalachian State University; Courtney Blankenship, Assistant Professor, Director of Music Business, School of Music, Western Illinois University

From the Classroom to the Workplace: Common Obstacles in Music Industry Internship Administration. Carey Christensen, Assistant Professor, Mike Curb Chair in Music Industry Studies, California State University, Northridge

The Art and Business of Satire: The Onion.  Justin Sinkovich, Assistant Professor, Media Management BA Coordinator, Columbia College Chicago; Jerry Brindisi, Assistant Professor, Music Business BA Coordinator, Columbia College Chicago

Using Group Projects for Problem Based Learning in Music Business Courses. Clyde Philip Rolston, Professor of Music Business, Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business, Belmont University; David Herrera, Assistant Professor of Music Business, Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business, Belmont University

Rights in Pre-1972 Sound Recordings: Updates and the Quest for Clarity. Don Gorder, Chair, Music Business/Management Dept., Berklee College of Music

Personal Narrative and Practical Application of Technology: Guiding Undergraduate Music and Audio Students Towards an Entrepreneurial Career Search. Daniel Walzer, Assistant Professor of Composition and New Media, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Authors Influencing Others to Follow: An Analysis of a Social Media Platform Through the Framework of Persuasion Theory. Philip Rothschild, Director, Associate Professor, Entertainment Management Program, Missouri State University

The Taylor Swift Effect: Digital Distribution and the Future of Free Music. Richard Strasser, Associate Professor, Northeastern University

An Examination of Blanket Music Licenses in Minor and Independent League Sports Stadiums
. Nichole Kosar, PhD student, Jonathan Blevins, PhD student, Khalid Ballouli, Assistant Professor, John Grady, Associate Professor, University of South Carolina.

Examining Traditional and Paperless Ticketing Systems and their Value to Artists and their Fans from an Artist Management Perspective. Jess White, Associate Professor / Entertainment Management, Bay State College; Patrick Preston, Department Chair / Entertainment Management, Bay State College

Finding success in the music business: “Get a Job!” Jim Halsey, President, Jim Halsey Company. Founder, Jim Halsey Institute of Music and Entertainment Business

After Hultsfred: Cultural Entrepreneurship in the Aftermath of the Hultsfred Festival. Jonas Bjälesjö, Head of Music & Event Management, Linnaeus School of Business and Economics, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Re-Viewing Competency Based Education and Assessing Institutional Readiness. Joe Miglio, Associate Professor, Music Business/Management, Berklee College of Music

Mu:Zone IBBC Hammelburg: The Hammelburg Business Game.  Henric Lindström, Head of Music & Event Management, Linnaeus University School of Business & Economics, Sweden

Defending "Prop Me Up By The Jukebox (If I Die)", a Case Study of Copyright Infringement. David Maddox, Assistant Professor, Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business, Belmont University; Rush Hicks, Assistant Professor, Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business, Belmont University

From Ethnic to Epic: Translating Race and Genre in the Music Business. Paul S. Linden, Associate Professor & Sequence Head, Recording Industry Program, School of Mass Communication & Journalism, The University of Southern Mississippi

The Path to Loyalty Among Theater Patrons: The Importance of Interaction and a Sense of Brand Community. Armen Shaomian, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina; Bob Heere, Associate Professor, University of South Carolina.

A New Look at Fostering People Skills in Music and Entertainment Programs. Robert Willey, Director, Music Media Production and Industry, Ball State University

The Student-run Enterprise as a Learning Experience. Storm Gloor, Associate Professor, University of Colorado Denver

A Behind the Scenes Look at the Music Business Journal
. Peter Alhadeff, Professor, Berklee College of Music; Itay Shahar Rahat, Manager, Global CRM Solutions, Warner Music Group

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