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Summit 2013
March 22 & 23, New Orleans, LA

Fame and Fortune  Monika Herzig, Lecturer, Arts Administration, Indiana University

Karmin: Marketing Music Using Social Media    Stephanie Kellar, Assistant Professor, Berklee College of Music

The Urbanization of the Billboard Top 200 and Hot 100 Charts: How Soundscan Changed the Game    John Kellogg, Assistant Chair of the Music Business/Management Department, Berklee College of Music

Managerial Perspectives on New Product Development in Large Music Organizations    Paul Saintilan, Adjunct Professor, Australian Institute of Music

Beyond the Student Record Label:  Approaches to Engaging Students in Real World Practices     Jerry Brindisi, Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Music Business Concentration, Columbia College Chicago; Henric Lindström, Head of Music & Event Management Program, Linnaeus University School of Business & Economics; Jonas Bjälesjö, Linnaeus University School of Business & Economics; Justin Sinkovich, Assistant Professor, Columbia College Chicago

Corporate Opportunism at Its Best: How C.G. Conn’s Vision for Selling Musical Instruments in the Public Schools and the Conn National School of Music Contributed to a Lasting Musical Legacy in a Small Town in North Carolina    Kim L. Wangler, Director of Music Industry Studies, Appalachian State University

Cashing in on the Past: Nostalgia and the Commoditization of Memories    Shawn David Young, Assistant Professor of Music, Clayton State University

Case Study: The 2012 Dove Awards Cyber PR® Marketing Plan by the Advanced Cyber PR® Class at Middle Tennessee State University    Charlie B. Dahan, Associate Professor, Middle Tennessee State University

Creativity, Characteristics and Training the Music Business Entrepreneur    Ben O’Hara, Head of Music Business (Higher Education), Box Hill Institute, Australia

Does an Academic Terminal Degree Exist for the Field of Music Business/Industry?    Timothy L. Channell, Music Business Program Director, Radford University

Revenue from Recording Sales? Forgedabahid!    Stephen Marcone, Professor of Music, Coordinator of Music & Entertainment Management Programs, The William Paterson University of New Jersey

Budgeting for Crowdfunding Rewards    Peter Alhadeff, Professor, Berklee College of Music; Luiz Augusto Buff, Associate, Digital Cowboys

Earning Outlook for Zydeco and Cajun Musicians    Robert Willey, Associate Professor of Music Media
School of Music and Performing Arts, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

What I really Learned at Audio School    Doug Bielmeier, Faculty in Audio Production, The Art Institute of Washington D.C.

Patterns in Sequential Album Releases: Are Artists/Labels Acting Optimally?    Jennifer Fowler, Assistant Professor of Economics & Music Business, Belmont University; Stuart J. Fowler, Associate Professor of Economics, Middle Tennessee State University; Rush Hicks, Assistant Professor of Music Business, Belmont University

Artist Management Discourse and Teaching: A Thematic Case Assessment    Ray Sylvester, Senior Lecturer, Buckinghamshire New University

Student Perspectives on Webcasted Class Sessions    Storm Gloor, Assistant Professor, Music and Entertainment Industry Studies, University of Colorado Denver

Student Laptops in the Entertainment Management Classroom: An Effective Learning Tool or a Distraction? A Pilot Study on the Use of Laptops in the Classroom    Armen Shaomian, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina

A Real-Life Approach to the Pedagogy of Social Media for M.I.    Rich Meitin, Music Industry Program Director, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Income Projections and the Relevance of the Revenue Streams in the Music Industry    Peter Spang Goodrich, Associate Professor of Management, Providence College; Stan Renard, Special Lecturer in Music Industry, Providence College, Adjunct Faculty in Management, Eastern Connecticut State University Community String Project, Executive Director, Bohemian Quartet, Founder and General Manager; Gregory Faulk, Area Coordinator for Economics and Finance, Belmont University

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