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Journal of the Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association

Volume 15, Number 1 (2015)

Complexity, Adaptive Expertise, and Conceptual Models in the Music Business Curriculum

David Bruenger
The Ohio State University


Music business curricula are necessarily complex because the subject itself is multifaceted and continually evolves in response to technological, social, and economic change. But in addition, if a goal of music business education is to prepare students to participate effectively in the business of music, then its curricula must not only reflect the evolving complexity of the music marketplace, but also foster the development of skills sufficiently adaptable to its changing conditions. This article uses complexity theory and the concepts of routine and adaptive expertise to explore how the curricular framework of music business studies might be adjusted to deepen understanding of the principles, processes, and patterns, as well as the critical analysis and creative problem-solving skills essential to successful entrepreneurship in the field.    

Keywords: curriculum, complexity theory, complex adaptive systems, adaptive expertise, routine expertise, transfer, transactional model, concept model, meta-model, process map, music business, music business education

Bruenger, David. “Complexity, Adaptive Expertise, and Conceptual Models in the Music Business Curriculum.” Journal of the Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association 15, no. 1 (2015): 99-119. https://doi.org/10.25101/15.5

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