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Purpose:  …Bring music educators together with leaders of the music and entertainment industry with the purpose of facilitating an exchange of information between educators and professionals in order to prepare students for careers in the music and entertainment industries.



1.    Provide resources for the exchange of information and knowledge about all aspects of the music and entertainment industries, including
    a.    a nationwide distribution network
    b.    reciprocal relationships with international industries
    c.    assisting institutions with the development of music and entertainment industries programs and curricula
    d.    global business opportunities
    e.    a program of cultural exchange between countries
    f.    support of artist careers and student study internationally


2.    Foster scholarly research on the music and entertainment industries as well as on music and entertainment industries education


3.    Facilitate interaction between the music and entertainment industries and music entertainment industries educators and affiliated educational institutions, both national and international
4.    Develop programs that encourage diversity by exposing college and high school students to the programs at MEIEA member schools through the guidance and support of MEIEA and the Music and Entertainment Industries Student Association (MEISA)
5.    Maintain and expand our relationship with international MEIEA member schools by creating a recognition of MEIEA on the international scene that reflects the history of the music industry in the world, the new global frontiers of music industry, and MEIEA as a “must belong” organization


6.    Establish a 5-year business plan to support the objectives of MEIEA, including
relationships with new media companies in a way that will encourage funding of program and course development at member schools

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